Showcase something outstanding

Everybody loves something modern created with care and passion. We think our champagnes will do what craft beers have done for beer. People now want something special, unique and rare.

We sell champagne from récoltant-manipulants (RM), grower makers. These are artisans we know who grow and make their own champagnes at their maison. We represent a very special 3% of champagne sold in the UK. Around 97% of the champagne sold in the current market is made by négociant-manipulants (NM) or wholesale makers. They buy grapes from Champagne and often mix their wine elsewhere. Many of the rare champagnes we stock are unavailable elsewhere in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Almost all our stock is selected from Grand Cru vineyards - just 9% of worldwide champagne production, perfect if you are searching for a new selection of fine artisan champagne to enjoy with loved ones, perhaps at a wedding, function, christmas party, birthday or special occassion.

About us

Dan & Suzanne O'Donoghue

Champagne specialists

Andromeda Boru Champagnes is a family run company dedicated to selecting the best grower champagnes directly from France.

We are able to supply larger volumes of champagne at very competitive prices. Tastings may also be arranged for those looking to aquire stock for a restaurant, hotel, or private collection.